Thursday, October 18, 2007

poison kiss

I am so, so troubled by the reports of independent lab tests revealing LEAD in my favorite of all accessories- lipstick. I know I just blogged this, but I can't help it- I'm blogging it again. I wear this stuff everyday- mostly lip gloss, not a heavily pigmented lipstick, but still-- some sort of lip color daily.

What's an eco-savvy, health-conscious, neurotoxin-avoiding, lipstick-loving girl to do?

Well, I started off at my go-to website for this kind of thing: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. There I found their latest study and a quick FAQ about lead in lipstick.

Honestly, lip color is a lot of fun for me and I'm going to miss it. But ew- letting lead scramble my brains and mess with my neurons isn't worth it. However!!! Lip gloss fans, we must unite!!! I'm going to fill a lip gloss container with pure vitamin E oil. It's glossy, wears well, and leaves my lips utterly soft. It doesn't have a color, true, but it looks great with flushed cheeks and a lightly mascaraed eye. (I know, there could be lead in the cheek color.)

Lip glossers, tell me what's going on in your makeup drawer!