Thursday, October 11, 2007

the nanocamel

Ok, so D and I were talking this evening about work and making money. Basically, he loves his job and he's great at it, but there is no money in it. Folks, tell this to your kids who dream of being a physics professor.

And as for me- I've been in the nonprofit world for ten years-ish. While I've loved the work and the ethic and the people, I've found out a couple of things.

1. People who work at nonprofits can have that corporate hierarchical mindset, even though they're working for a cool cause.

Ok, that was supposed to be a list, but that was my big finding. It was a big disappointment to realize nonprofit people can be tools, too! (I must say that most of them are not tools, and my recent colleagues have been the most professional, most warm and friendly, smartest people I've had the pleasure to meet.)

Oh wait. I guess my other big finding is this: I really want to have more fun in life.

Which leads us to the nanocamel. D and I were talking about that parable where Jesus says it's harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle. D has a nicely nuanced understanding of that parable, which is that Jesus didn't say it was impossible for a rich person to achieve nirvana (ok, get to heaven for you purists). But he implied that it was hard-- that it required hard work. D summed that up with the always-pithy phrase "From those who have much, much will be required." D added that he also thought it implied that poor people don't have to do much to get into heaven.

I liked this interpretation very much. I decided that I am willing to do the work it takes to get my camel through the needle. Perhaps that means developing a nanocamel.

Is this just trying to have my cake and eat it too? Not quite. It means I'm willing to work hard. Especially if the hard work seems like fun. You know, like all those supermodels who are like, "Modeling is Such Hard Work!" (As they sip their umbrella drinks on tropical islands and someone does their hair for them.) Now that's not the work I'm after (or am qualified for) BUT! You get where I'm going with this.

Viva la nanocamel! May we all be so blessed.