Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Barney's in SF!

Barney's, the iconic department store of New York, is coming to San Francisco! And who better to present the fabulousness but Simon Doonan, the department store's creative director. 7x7 magazine did an interview with him and I have to say I'm totally on board.

I mean, this man flatly states,"Say no to ho." And: "Barneys is a great fit with San Francisco. We both love beautiful design, and we both share a dislike for that tarty look-- butt crack jeans, fake tans, hair extensions, skimpy halters, ugly scrotal bags, massively enhanced boobs. Gnarly."


It's time that SF was properly recognized for its unique style. And I don't mean "unique" to be a euphemism for "butt ugly." (I'd say butt ugly if I meant it.) The SF style is endlessly changeable, because it has to be in a city where you might have a wintry, foggy morning; a sunny afternoon; and a cool, breezy evening. Where you might head to the gym, the office and the opera without going home in between. Where the local dive bar serves tapas.

It's great to live in the Bay Area, especially if you're a people watcher, because you get to see how much fun people have with the variable weather and social forecasts. Street style is so much fun around here.