Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You're a grand old flag

I'm back from a glorious vaca in beautiful Boulder, CO. We were there for a physics meeting at NIST and then D participated as best man in a friend's wedding, which was held at the breathtaking LionsCrest Manor.

Miss P said her first adorable word (other than "mama")-- duck! She was awash in rubber duckies (they had them as playful favors) and as we were squeezing one and saying "duck!" to her, she said "k... k... duck duck!" Oh my GOD it was so cute. We nearly died.

Speaking of cute, we were staying at a house with another couple and their 3 year old daughter. She's a happy, energetic girl who loves Elmo and Clifford. And she loves imitating voices. Her dad related the story of when he found her alone in her room, singing "You're a Grand Old Flag" and alternating the voices of Clifford and Elmo for each line. Stop and imagine the scene:


(Gruff Clifford voice) "You're a grand old flag!"
(Little Elmo voice) "You're a high flying flag!"

I was on the floor laughing when he told me.