Monday, August 20, 2007

the good life- FOOD!

FOOD: At the top of my good-life list is fresh, organic, local, Slow-Food Movement-approved deliciousness. That might sound way too precious to some, but to me it equals the highest form of healthy eating as well as mindful living. I like that.

I've mentioned it before on this blog, but I highly recommend the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market Cookbook. It's a mouthful (how appropriate!). The recipes are, for the most part, fantastic and interesting. For example, right now is the perfect time to try a peach bruschetta. This one isn't from the cookbook, it's from Slashfood, which I love.

The good life grocery bag is canvas and filled with:

- 1% organic milk

- Fage 2% Greek yogurt- the best stuff ever

- cheese (ok, lots of good stuff is made in NorCal but lots is imported. It's still on my good life list!). Specifically Spanish manchego, bufala mozz, havarti... I could go on...

- grass-fed beef

- arugala

- heirloom tomatoes

- handfuls of vanilla beans (there is nothing as purely decadent, sensuous, beautiful or delicious as scraping out a vanilla bean and having the scent on your hands for hours)

- Semifreddi's baguette

- some fabulous wine

- pink lady apples

- long line caught trout

What's in your grocery bag this week? What's your favorite food that symbolizes the good life?