Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bar Method!

I am totally on the Bar Method bandwagon!!! (Can you tell how much I wanted to get that out? I couldn't even write a civilized intro paragraph.)

I'm now officially past nine months postpartum, and it seems like my energy levels are getting back to normal (though I've heard fabulous things happen to your energy and weight when you wean...). My pregnancy weight came off pretty smoothly... at 9.5 months out, I'm almost back to normal.

But I hadn't been finding time to exercise enough (can I get an amen from the other moms out there?!), and I really started to get motivated to change that. I knew when I did, I'd have a lot more energy and feel happier. So I popped in an old Bar Method DVD and realized how similar it feels to a really good, hardcore dance class where your muscles are at their limit. Then I bought the second Bar Method DVD and now I am totally hooked.

I mean, come on. Burr Leonard is 60 and she looks like she's 25. And she swears that if I do this workout just three times a week, I too will have the Bar Method body (taut, narrow, limber). I believe, I believe!

Also, maybe I am giddy right now because Paloma is napping totally peacefully and we might actually be approaching a nap schedule. Pardon the giddiness. !!!! (Sorry.)