Friday, July 13, 2007

weekly menu

It's the end of the week but maybe this will help out those of you looking to shake up the dinner rotation! Doing a weekly menu each Monday has been one of the most helpful things for our family to eat in and eat well.

Monday: veggie soup (sauteed garlic and onions, stock, summer squash, broccoli, fresh basil, dried wild mushrooms, rice, lentils, olive oil- blended in the pot with a hand blender makes the flavors *so* much richer)

Tuesday: mixed baby greens salad with beets (15 min in the pressure cooker!), sliced eggs, garbanzo beans and Brianna's vinaigrette

Wednesday: pizza with rustic whole wheat crust, summer squash, fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic, tomato, artichoke hearts, Trader Joe's pizza sauce

Thursday: baby bok choy with whole wheat noodles and black bean sauce, cucumber salad

Friday: bean soup and cornbread

I also baked a vanilla bean cake last night. Our upstairs neighbors just got back from Bali and brought back handfuls of vanilla beans. I felt so lucky to scrape out that precious vanilla and have the lovely scent on my hands hours later. The only unfortunate thing is I've realized how easy it is to throw together a good cake... ah, well.