Saturday, July 07, 2007

Verrieres and Sako

I'm a cherry-lipped dame, brilliant and beautiful, starring in all the latest films noirs. Kicking weakness to the curb with stiletto heels and wearing independence like a silk chiffon coat.

At least, that's life according to Verrieres and Sako. I *love* these designers. Obviously these clothes resist descriptions like "practical," "outdoorsy," or "sturdy" (or "baby-friendly"!). And that's perfectly wonderful-- I can't spend my entire life in Patagonia and plain cotton. And anyway, I would rather have loved a silk dress and lost it to spit up than never to have loved at all.

If you click the link above and click "Events," you'll see my favorites in their collection. The sheer wear is lovely, but I think the best pieces are the short white dress, the belted olive dress, the black double collared shirt-- I could go on. Basically everything shown in the runway shots are gorgeous.

I'm keeping my eye out for more from this Oakland-based pair!