Monday, July 02, 2007

Me Keeping Up With Me

Ok, I know they use that phrase "lifelong learning" to promote classes to seniors at community centers. Which is a terrific thing! But I feel like I want to be a lifelong learner right now, even though my life is incredibly full with parenting and MomsRising work. Maybe it's a desire for me to keep up with me, know what I mean? To make sure I'm caring for my own development and growth outside of mothering (because Lord knows how much development and growth I've experienced *inside* mothering).

Here's my list of Things To Do. I'm telling you, dear readers, so that I have some accountability (read: fear of The Shame!!!).
  • Brush up on/learn more French, Spanish, Italian, Malayalam by actually keeping my CDs by the laptop where I'll use them.
  • Brush up on plant biology in my much-loved biology textbook by Neil Campbell, and then move to a more specialized text.
  • Brush up on local architecture which I totally adore. Julia Morgan, B. Maybeck, John Galen Howard et al. have created such livable, beautiful spaces here in the Bay Area.
  • Brush up on local plants and trees. I should go to the local horticultural store that specializes in native plants- maybe they have a book.
  • Learn oceanography!!! I have loved this topic since having a passionate marine biologist teacher in high school and even attended CIMI, but that was many moons ago and it's time to get a text on this.
  • DANCE!! I miss dancing so. incredibly. much. I have to get this booty back to the studio. It's my favorite mode of self-expression.

Ok. Will you keep me on task? I'm so excited to pay attention to these things. Yay!