Friday, November 20, 2009

Pin Congress Down on Facebook!

From MomsRising!

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives approved their health reform bill by a razor-thin margin. Now, opponents of health reform (i.e., highly-paid insurance industry lobbyists) are working to make sure that comprehensive health reform is stopped in the Senate.

It's time to remind Congress (yes, again!) that real people -- their constituents -- will not be pacified until Congress passes a healthcare reform package that does right by women, children, and families. Twenty members of Congress are wearing MomsRising's pacifier lapel pin to show their support for getting health reform right for kids and families. Now, it's your turn!

Show your support for health reform by wearing your very own pacifier pin -- on Facebook!

We Won't Be Pacified Until Our Broken Healthcare System is Fixed!We Won't Be Pacified Until Our Broken Healthcare System is Fixed!

When you click the link above, you can create your very own, custom "I won't be pacified" Facebook photo and status update like the one pictured in this email. Your photo and status update will help mobilize your friends and show members of Congress that you will not be pacified until we get meaningful health reform.

And here's the coolest part... we'll also keep track on a U.S. map where our photo submissions come from so members of Congress can see that their constituents are taking a stand for kids, women, and families in health reform.

If you aren't on Facebook yet and want to take the leap, sign up here:

Show Congress you won't be pacified until we get health reform that is right for kids and families now:

Invite your friends, colleagues and neighbors to get "pinned" on Facebook too by forwarding this email directly to them or inviting them to participate through Facebook using our application's "Invite your friends" tool.

Thanks for all that you do!
-- Ashley, Donna, Katie, Kristin, Anita, Julia, Dionna and the whole MomsRising team

P.S. Click here to see pictures of the Members of Congress who have already worn the MomsRising pacifier pin:

P.P.S. Together, we really are powerful! Thanks to our matching gift campaign donors, last week we broke our all-time fundraising record, raising more than $50,000 for MomsRising's health reform campaign! It's not too late to pitch in!