Tuesday, November 10, 2009

chocolate review- Michel Cluizel

So, I was getting my haircut at Elizabeth H. in Oakland with the incomparable Tina, stylist extraordinaire. As it happens, Elizabeth H. is right next door to Bittersweet Cafe. And Bittersweet Cafe is hands down the best place to get a chocolate chocolate chip shake to sip while you're getting your hair done at Elizabeth H. (or for most any chocolate fix you might desire). So that's exactly what I did.

But I couldn't walk out of there with a chocolate chocolate chip shake and nothing to take back to the suburbs with me. So I picked up a Charles Chocolates bar for my mother in law, and the Cluizel bar for Derek and me. It's a deep milk chocolate, which I've decided might be the most perfect chocolate for most days (I mean sometimes you have your deep dark midnight 72% cacao days, I know). This one is 47% cacao, which sounds lightweight, but the key is that the bar isn't burdened by too much sugar, so you still get this lovely mellow chocolate flavor.

The back of the box describes it like this: "In the mouth, the characteristic notes of bananas, red berries and blueberries emanate progressively in an herbaceous harmony and then in 'salty caramel.'" I'd mostly agree with that, though I don't get nearly the fruity qualities described as the salty caramel finish, which is just fine by me. I think what they describe as bananas, I would describe as the creaminess of the milk as the vanilla notes rise.

The bite is perfect-- it's like al dente pasta, but chocolate. Not too soft, not too firm.

What you see below is the Michel Cluizel chocolate bar and a very happy salon customer.