Monday, November 16, 2009

inna pickle inna jam!

I love reading blogs, and especially when they're about delicious things (hence, discovering the deliciousness...). So when my brilliant beautiful friend Kemmeo suggested I become of fan of Inna Pickle Inna Jam on Facebook, I fanned... and then was delighted to click on to IPIJ's blog.

I love her description of urban foraging and its merits, the pictures of her lovely jams and the descriptions of her values that guide her craft. I am so on board to try this.

And heck-- it's reminded me that this might be a lovely gift to handcraft and give people for Christmas this year! I've always wanted to make gifts, and I always *hear* about people making and giving jam, but alas I have never actually received or given a jar. In fact, I've never seen anyone else receive or give a jar. Maybe it's one of those things we talk about but are really just alive in Martha Stewart's head. No more-- I'm totally trying this out!!

I have no excuse not to-- I have no more infants! I've got a young toddler, and older toddler, and a fabulous husband. So- let the jam making commence!

Look at how cute the jars are: