Friday, November 20, 2009

more thinkers about Twilight

Last night, I was up at midnight, and I couldn't help but think of the crazy scene that had to be developing at the movie theater down the street that is showing "New Moon." I really wanted to go be a part of it, as much to people watch as to see the movie.

[SIDEBAR: A smart friend of mine with a 2 year old says that she goes to late night shows alone, leaving her daughter to sleep as her husband monitors. This. is. BRILLIANT!!! I am totally going to do this! Now that Sabrina is sleeping better, I know I could do a 10 PM show and be back before any real wake ups.]

I wonder who was there... aishatyler tweeted "Just left New Moon. Wasn't one female in there younger than 25. And that is because Jacob is hotter n' yo granny on hot flashes. #teamjacob" Interesting!!!

Anyhoo, I found two more great posts on Twilight that I thought were worth sharing with you smarties:
"What A Girl Wants: Mixed Messages in Twilight" (interesting comments challenging some of the assumptions, too)

"Talking Back to Twilight" (by the same author, Carmen Siering) In this article, I think she makes some good points about Bella being a good Mormon wife. I think Meyer should just say "Yeah, I went back to my Mormon roots for the story here." I think Siering is right on about the movie being better than the book-- I think Catherine Hardwicke's interpretation was smart and I'm sorry she didn't get a chance to continue in the series.

Let me repeat: I kind of like the swoony ridiculous irrational romance portrayed in the books. I do! It's really fun. It's just good to acknowledge that that's what it is, no more no less.