Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I don't have a shoe fetish, but apparently my daughter has quite an interest. And I'm starting to catch it, so I tried on (and bought!) these beauties at a lovely small Berkeley boutique:

They also have (well, had until I wore them) these awesome soles:

And she came right up and poked them and said "OooOOooo!" She's really into shoes. It could be because we have her wear shoes outside, so she associates putting them on with getting to go play.

I also got her a new pair of sandals. They're See Kai Runs (the most delicious kids shoes), style Jacob. (Yep, they're for boys, but totally look gender neutral in orange and green. And they went beautifully with her clothes!)

Here she is in all her funky, fabulous glory:

I realized I like shopping at small shops much more than at big box dept stores. There's often hand made things of gorgeous quality. At riki in Berkeley, one of the buyers was there and talked with us about the designer who owns the store. She knew the artists who made the jewelry and the people who made the clothes. And the stuff is just more interesting. Obviously, one can't buy a ton of stuff (unless one is super wealthy), but I'd rather buy one thing I totally love and will wear and feel good about than a bucketful of crap. If there's a lesson for Minkie in all this, I'd like it to be that.

Or, if we're skipping the lesson for today, I'm just glad she's out and about, enjoying playing in her gorgeous, comfy new sandals.