Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miley Cyrus... aaaaand??

Ok, I am the only who isn't finding these photos of Cyrus to be a big deal? Let me say up front that I'm a mom of a toddler girl, and I wouldn't be thrilled to find her, say, as a 14 year old on the cover of New York mag in her little white undies. (shudder)

But somehow, the one shot of Cyrus with the bedsheet around her except for her bare back didn't make think, "Yikes." I really thought, huh, she's as covered up as most girls who wear backless halter tops and jeans. The implication of the sheet and the bedhead hair is another thing, true. But on the whole, I just couldn't get worked up about it.

(And as a person with a deep green environmental heart, it saddened me to admit that last month's Green Issue was kind of a snooze to me. The Madonna cover was gorgeous, but... I wasn't convinced she was the best cover model for this issue. Sigh.)

I've seen her show "Hannah Montana" exactly once, and I wasn't blown away by the acting or anything. But we're talking Disney Channel here, not NOVA or Masterpiece Theatre. Eh, I can see how it'd appeal to the tweeners. But I'm hard pressed to see what it's doing in VF.

Well, on to the next article!