Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No More Sneezing in my Salad!

You know how it is when you're sooo excited to eat some delicious naughty thing, maybe fast food or maybe just at a restaurant, and then you see your server sniff mightily? Wipe their nose on their sleeve? Sneeze as they walk from your table?

And then you think, "Do I eat this? Crap... I paid for it, I'm so hungry, I'm going to take a chance here, but..." and then the fun of it is all drained away and you're just hoping that your immune system is in full working order.

Well, if most workers had paid sick days, they wouldn't chance your health OR their own by coming in to work. They'd be able to stay home, get well and not worry about losing their wage or even their jobs. And you wouldn't have to worry about gross germs spreading in your food (or by your kid's daycare provider). Sounds reasonable, right?

Except that most workers don't get a chance to earn paid sick days. BUT we can change that right now!

Here's the latest from MomsRising (this is the CA version but here is the version for the whole country, supporting the Healthy Families Act):

Dear California Member,

Great news! Thanks in part to the fabulous orange-o-grams you sent to your California legislators, the Assembly Appropriations Committee reported the Sick Days bill out for a full vote by the California Assembly! This is a tremendous step forward.

Things are moving quickly now. In fact, the California Assembly may vote on the Paid Sick Days bill today, and they need to hear from you!

Ask your representatives to vote YES now!

Why are paid sick days so important? Two big reasons -- public health and family stability. Did you know that 86% of service sector employees (that includes cooks and waiters) don't have a single paid sick day? And, all told almost 6 million workers in California do not get a single paid sick day.

For parents without sick days, a child's ear infection or case of the flu can mean no money for rent or food on the table...or even losing a job. This is why day care centers and other workplaces are hotbeds for spreading disease-- when people get sick, they have no options. This legislation also covers victims of domestic violence who could use paid sick days to care for their physical, psychological, and legal needs.

The bottom line is that California's working people need paid sick days to recover from illness and take care of their sick kids without endangering public health or risking their jobs.

The more of us who let the legislature know we need this policy, the better chance we have of passing it. Forward this email to friends and family today so they can take action too.

And, don't forget to tell your Assemblymember to vote YES on Paid Sick Days today!

Thank you!
--Katie, Kristin, and the Team

P.S. Check out this great piece from the Sacramento Bee about the benefits of Paid Sick Days