Monday, May 12, 2008

New pictures!! And, best Mother's Day ever.

YAY!! I finally got new rechargeable batteries for the camera, so I went crazy with the photography and video-making this weekend. Just in time for Mother's Day!

But first I have to share what an incredible spouse I have. On Mother's Day we both awoke when Paloma did, around 8 am. And he handed me a little box.

I thought it'd be a tiny box of chocolates or something. I have to also tell you that I *always* talk about loving sparkly, elegant jewelry and then in the same breath talk about how I can't/shouldn't own it because I've learned so much about how heartbreaking mining practices are (if children dying from effluent pollution in the US, as well as in unsafe mines elsewhere, as well as in blood diamond wars doesn't break your heart, well...). Our wedding rings and my e-ring are antique/vintage, which I could deal with (even though I know it's still kind of supporting the industry, etc.).

Ok, but!!! I still love sparkly!!! (I still love lip gloss too, but try to buy paraben-free organic... I know so many other shoppers out there know exactly what I'm talking about!) But you know what? Last week I had to make a huge trip to SF for MomsRising, and was really dreading going alone. Derek came home early and came with me. And it was just... I can't explain why, but for some reason that was all my heart and soul needed that day, just to be with him, and somehow he was there. And I truly felt that I honestly got my Mother's Day gift.

Ok so!!! Now you know the context of me opening this little box. I thought, it couldn't be. But it was!!! It's a thin, gorgeous eternity diamond band! I *love* it. It's from a small independent jeweler in Berkeley. I can't help it-- the thing makes me smile. I can't believe it.

PLUS- he grilled for dinner (delicious) and was all-around wonderful, as always. For us, Mother's Day isn't about him doing the childcare or household stuff-- he helps out with that every single day. It was about doing something a little different and special-- but I hadn't expected a ring!! Yes, he is real. But I still have to pinch myself that my marriage is this good.

Anyhoo! Photos!