Thursday, April 10, 2008


SF Chron just did an article on podiobooks, and I felt like my world was suddenly opened. Free audiobooks! Downloadable to my iPod, and maybe worth listening to! I saw my exercise life take a turn for the better right then and there.

Sidebar-- Also, I found a studio here in suburbia that may not be completely devoid of technique! Why yes, I did get a little cynical about the quality of dance teaching at most studios. If you've ever taken class from a really excellent dance teacher (Savage used to be mine), you know what I mean. It's like, you get your butt kicked by a teacher channeling Debbie Allen in "Fame," feel yourself fly to Miles Davis, and then end up at some crapass studio where your teacher's never heard of Martha Graham, doesn't fix your demi-plie, and thinks shaking your butt to some random Top 40 thumper is a real class. I mean, it's definitely worth it if you're just looking to have fun, but not if you want to get really strong as a dancer.
End Sidebar.

Ok, so, Podiobooks! People on the Chron comments section couldn't seem to say enough good things about the quality of storytelling. For free! I'm really excited to see what I can find there. I don't mind the neophyte status of most of the authors. I've been mired for so long in political books by experts and classics that I am ready for a light break.

And I am on goodreads- woo hoo! Yes, it has been awhile since I've read for fun, and I am SO ready for it.