Friday, April 25, 2008

exiting the 1st tri....


I think I'm finally leaving that yucky, constant nausea phase and entering the always-hungry phase. Which is tricky in itself, because if I don't eat at the right time, I slide back toward nausea or at least feeling less than fab. And my fluid intake is cah-LEARLY insufficient since dry skin like this I have never felt, even with pg #1.

Maybe it means I have to get more delicious drinks and decadent skin creams? I think probably. ;) At least, a trip out of The Suburbs and to elephant pharmacy for some paraben-free creams and lotions would be fun.

Last weekend we were deep in the redwoods of Humboldt, visiting my dear friend Roxanne, who has a friend Rosa who makes the most divine aromatherapy oils, lotions and soaps I have ever smelled. Much better than mass market department store stuff, and of course much more difficult to get your hands on. She only makes small batches, she only sources from super high quality essential oil makers, and of course she is out of stock right now. I love supporting small businesses like this because the quality is so incredible (really- JLo can keep her $1000 a jar La Mer cream, because this is nicer).

Funny sidebar- the saleswoman at the La Mer counter was trying to sell Derek and me the cream by impressing us with the fact that the creator is/was a rocket scientist. Derek and I couldn't stop laughing later about how he's totally in the wrong business, and needs to turn his physics lab into a skin care lab. We'd sure as hell be making a lot more money-- especially if we were ballsy enough to charge $1000 a jar for a product that isn't even labeled organic. We could call it "Atomic" and have a life size poster of him in a lab coat at every counter! And the kids' college funds would be saved.

Until it happens, I'm going to wait for the next batch Rosa's amazing lotion. And figure out what to eat next...