Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amy Tiemann hits the nail on the head... again

One of my favorite blogs, MojoMom, is written by a smart young mom of two in North Carolina. Amy Tiemann is fast becoming a media go-to when it comes to issues of motherhood and politics. And when it comes to feminism and politics, if you want a nuanced and thoughtful analysis, Amy's got it. Check out her latest article printed in Womens eNewswire. It's about the Obama-Clinton split among women. She's really one of the only analysts who offers something more than spiteful disdain for the other side.

Amy sees a generational divide where Second Wavers all too often sit in their own conferences, among their peers. They're smart-- they *have* to notice the lack of anyone under 40. Perhaps they're too comfortable in their own power arrangements. They're not ready to pass on the torch. Perhaps the different ways of thinking that they encouraged in their daughters is too challenging for them (and believe me, if you think that's an insulting statement, you haven't read what Robin Morgan has to say about young feminists supporting Obama-- truly ugly, and frankly immature stuff).

So how can we start to overcome this? Because we're certainly not getting any leadership on this soon, it's up to us, citizens! We need to talk with each other and realize everyone's not in the same boat, but we're all caught in the same riptide (of discrimination, of eight years of staggeringly bad governance, of cringe-inducing mainstream media). We need to help each other by continuing the conversation where our leaders have left off.