Monday, February 05, 2007

shopping 101

I have learned that making a weekly dinner menu makes my life So. Much. Easier!!

No more thinking about what to make, looking balefully at the cupboard, and blankly reaching for the pasta, feeling like I've made a good effort by throwing some extra spinach and garlic into the Trader Joe's marinara.

Now I actually crack open my fabulous cookbooks. Favorites include:

  • The San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market Cookbook (gives recipes by what's in season locally)
  • The Cheeseboard Collective (if I'm feeling ambitious and in need of amazing bread recipes)
  • The Millenium Cookbook (no better vegan paella out there)
  • things out of Sunset magazine (I'm in love with Sunset magazine)
  • I don't have it yet so not sure if it'll be a fave, but I'm looking forward to getting Lorna Sass' Pressure Perfect cookbook. I'm excited about using my pressure cooker more!

I pick out recipes that look good, and then shop away. It makes shopping quick, which is good considering I don't know how long Paloma will last at any given awake moment. Usually she's mellow, though.

Next challenge- how to tote her around - she's a little too heavy to carry and the Strolee plus handbasket is a little too unwieldy in the supermarket...