Monday, February 26, 2007

boo yeah! I'm the Mom on the Block!

So there's a high school (mind you, a private expensive Catholic high school) near my apartment. All the schoolkids who take the bus walk by here every morning and afternoon.

This afternoon I heard thumping against the side of the apartment wall (we're on the ground floor). Paloma was nursing, and then smiled and expelled a giant poo. Hooray! Here was my chance to investigate the thumping. I closed up shop, pulled down my shirt and went outside.

Three boys were along the side of the building. I said "Take it easy! I could hear you against the apartment wall and I've got a baby here." I held up Exhibit A, who was feeling very mellow and looking very cute.

And it hit me- I am now old enough to inspire a little fear in the young uns. I'm not old, but old enough. Good stuff! They filed away, apologizing.

And the poop wasn't nearly as big as I'd thought! This makes her lack of napping much more bearable. Oh the ways that parenting changes one's perspective! Makes me laugh.

p.s. I'm going to try to make a pumpkin soup for dinner tonight!