Friday, January 19, 2007

I love (some) high schoolers

I swear I'm not kidding. There's a high school in our --

I have to interrupt to say the very saddest thing ever is a little baby whose hat has somehow come down over her eyes, and she's whimpering and moving her head side to side and flailing her little arms, trying to make sense of it.

Wait, sadder than that is taking a baby for vaccinations. I think I'm going to cry next time we go. It's just the worst that innocent babies can't quite understand why someone is holding them down while this horrible pain -- ack!!! Why do I torture myself.

Anyhoo- the high schoolers! Most of the neighbors hate 'em, but I'm totally charmed. (Let me preface all this by saying I know lots of people who hated high school, but I really liked it. I was lucky to have great friends and a lot of fun.)

Two girls ran into a group of five boys, one girl hugged a boy, and then the girls walked away, and the boy left his group and caught up with the girls, and I was completely nostalgic for those pure, fresh feelings of love for your friends and that crushy feeling for a boy. Your whole world was that high school, and that somehow seemed safe and like something you could know, really know.

A couple of years ago I went to an all-ages show for my friend who's in a rock band. The main impression I got was that high schoolers (most of the crowd) smell so fresh! They're so sweet! They know the words to an indie rock band's songs!

I remember the sucky things-- the lonely times, the confusing things. Thinking how great it'd be to be an adult. Secretly thinking that I liked the stability and comfort of seeing my friends everyday-- a situation which I have not since enjoyed.

Speaking of high schoolers, doesn't this picture SO look like Paloma's saying "Oh. My. Gah. My parents are SOOOO weird! Why, WHY?!" (We wanted to see what she'd look like with hair, so I stood above her and draped my hair over her and D snapped the shot... poor thing...