Thursday, September 18, 2014

Way to go, Coach Marie! WestCoast Training Center's Head Coach receives highest coaching distinction

WestCoast's owner and Head Coach, Marie Annonson, has achieved the highest level of coaching distinction: Master of Sport. This puts Coach Marie in the company of a small group of gymnastics coaching greats. The list, found on the USA Gymnastics website, is full of coaching luminaries.

Among Marie's achievements:

  • She has produced world champions and internationally ranked athletes 
  • She's contributed greatly to developing technical aspects of the sport
  • She's ranked internationally herself as an athlete
And she's growing WestCoast Training Center by leaps and bounds, developing the gym into a thriving business and fixture of the community.

Clearly, Marie is an eminently qualified choice for the Master of Sport designation.

The community is rightly proud of her-- check out the support for her on one of the most popular posts on the WestCoast Facebook Page. And fellow blogger dadheartsacro wrote a post in support, as well.

As for me, I'm grateful everyday not only for the coaching skills, but for the community and culture of support and family that Marie has built at WestCoast. There may be no formal award for that (besides our tuition dollars), but to me, there's no better indication of what a healthy, happy place it is.

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