Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AcroArmy: Photos & Video from Finale Demonstrate Technique + Love + Guts for America's Got Talent 2014

An intensely pure expression of love and athleticism on tv. AcroArmy gave everything, everything, and did it with supreme professionalism. And a certain fearlessness about sharing their hearts which I deeply respect. This is my daughters' sport, acrobatic gymnastics.

They are just at the beginning of their journey, but already I can see how they're learning the value of:

  • very very hard work
  • sticking with something even if you're struggling
  • respecting your teachers and coaches
  • trusting your partner
  • earning that trust by meeting your responsibility to catch your partner
  • loving what you do, both the big accomplishments and the small daily triumphs
  • loving others
Let the photos tell the rest of the story.

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