Friday, April 03, 2009

we have solids!

We have officially started solids! It's going well. Sabrina LOVES rice cereal. She was definitely ready. Here's what I was thinking:

* She had been interested in our food for at least a few weeks;
* played with interest with a soft spoon
* didn't exhibit a tongue-thrust reflex;
* can sit unsupported only for short periods but definitely has plenty of head and neck control, and can sit well in a high chair;
* and, darn it, she just seemed hungry.

She won't be six months old until the 20th, but I felt like we were close enough, and we have no family history of food allergies.

I mixed Earth's Best organic rice cereal with expressed breast milk and tried giving it to her last night, when my supply is lower (per Sears' Baby Book rec).

She lunged at the spoon. She cried when took the spoon back to refill. I couldn't get it to her fast enough.

Needless to say, the grandparents and Derek are thrilled. It'll be fun for them to take a more active role in her feeding (especially grandma, who LOVES feeding).

In four or five days, it's on to the next food! Maybe bananas, maybe avocados. Ah, the exciting world of solids!