Sunday, April 26, 2009

I will be water

Charades. A classic guessing game, which means Paloma was all for learning how to play. She loves guessing games.

Derek went first. Arms flapping, head pecking. Chicken, easy.

Paloma went next. Arms flapping, and yelling "I'm a bird!" So that was an easy one. It took a couple tries before she didn't yell what she was trying to be.

I went next. I tried to be a cat but when you have to silence your meows (since charades is silent), it takes a little more pantomime than my spine had. But it was guessed eventually.

Derek went again. Fruit bat this time. Paloma got it right away. "A BAT!" is one of her favorite things to yell when Derek holds her upside down, which is often.

Paloma went again. She danced, swayed, waved her little arms. "I'm being water! I will be water!" Derek and I kind of tilted our heads at her, jaws slack, at the sudden poetry, which wasn't really sudden since she's always beautiful like that.

And like this: