Friday, February 06, 2009

when laughing goes too far

We were having a great time. Paloma was in bed and we were getting Sabrina ready to wind down too. I just finished nursing Sabrina and handed her over to Dada. She was standing on his lap, they were babbling at each other, and then PPHHHHHBBBTTTTT. She had a Giant Poopums.

We started laughing because she's so little yet she makes these great big toots, poops and burps. Sabrina, seeing the humor, started laughing too. And when Sabrina laughs, as you saw from the previous post, it's pretty hard not to laugh with her. She's charming that way.

So she laughed, we laughed, she laughed, we laughed. Then she squeaked. Then she milksploded all over Dada.

We still couldn't stop laughing. Well, I couldn't anyway. :)