Thursday, February 26, 2009


Of course right after I post about being a Beta Mom, I have a total anxious mom moment. Paloma and Sabrina both have been a little bit of sleep trouble lately.

P is slipping back to early wake ups and had a little trouble going to sleep, but we've been doing a modified check and console-- she's 2.25-- and that's been working. S might be maybe teething, and has had much shorter naps and nap strikes, but today I've been dream feeding during naps and that's kept her sleeping! YAY!

Anyhoo. Paloma was napping yesterday afternoon, and it was a bit longer than usual. She usually goes down around 3 PM for an hour or hour and a half. Yesterday she went down around 4 PM and was still sleeping around 6:30 PM.

Ok, so lately she's been very enchanted to discover that she can climb out of her bed (converted crib) "all by herfelf." Yikes, there goes sleeptime, right? Right. So I've been worried she might slip and hit her head, twist something, or catch her eyeball on something and rip it out. (Why do I go there? WHY? WHY? Must stop.)

Anyhoo, hadn't heard anything on the monitor for 1.5 hours. So I turned it WAY up and held it to my ear to see if I could hear her breathing.

And that is the moment she chose to scream "MOOOOOM!!!!!!"