Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beta Moms, Unite!

I was perusing thelactivist blog when I came across this post about Beta Moms. And I thought "Hooray! I can label myself!"

No really! I was happy because it means there's a group of mamas who I could hang with. We're the mamas who just don't want to be super-stressed. We want to enjoy this mothering thing without instilling ten zillion hang ups in our kids from the get go. (OMG I am already saying "we.")

Don't get me wrong-- Beta Moms (I suppose in contrast to [booming voice] ALPHA MOMS) want our kids to succeed. I want my kids to succeed! I just don't think I have to be a high-strung helicopter parent for that to happen. (I love that phrase, so descriptive-- the hovering parent is a helicopter.) I'm definitely an involved parent, as a WAHM. I'm definitely invested in helping my children fulfill their potential with grace and confidence.

But I'm not going to go gray and get all frowny and rude to make sure my daughter gets the starring role, or whatnot. Yes, I plan to help her with homework. No, I do not plan to do it for her. Yes, I will enroll her in a class or maybe two. No, I will not enroll her in daily enrichment.

See where I'm going? I think balance is key, and I feel like Derek and I have been pretty balanced in our parenting.