Wednesday, December 03, 2008

your energy levels?

Ok, I'm in week 6 postpartum. It's going pretty well, I think-- my recovery in the past week seems to have picked up. I think the healing process is moving right along. I've got my postpartum check up in a couple weeks and I think, HALLELUJAH, I won't have to face the nightmare of silver nitrate on any leftover wounds.

(Last time, I had to have silver nitrate to close up some tears that persisted, and holy hell did that stuff knock the wind out of me. I seriously preferred the freaking ring of fire and childbirth to the burning of silver nitrate.)

I have no idea why I'm getting this energy spurt (you might notice my more regular blog postings!). Here's what I'm doing that might be helping:

- taking the prenatal vitamins
- taking an omega 3
- taking lecithin (to avoid plugged ducts, which haven't been an issue this time around)
- getting out and about little by little
- trying to stretch a little more
- keeping a list of things to get done and enjoying checking things off
- trying to maintain good relations with family

That last one might be the real winner of the list. It's requiring a lot of deep breathing and a complete and total embrace of Buddhist principles like lovingkindess and non-attachment, but maybe it's freeing up a lot more energy than I thought.

Hey, birth mamas out there: did you have a similar energy spurt postpartum? And *did it last*??

Honestly, I feel like right now I have more energy NOW than I did pre-pregnancy. ?! Whatever this is, I want to keep it going. (And give some hope to other mamas out there that it's possible to feel good postpartum!) Anybody else experience this? How do you all keep your energy up?