Monday, December 08, 2008

etsy review: woodmouse

Here I am, touting again. With good reason-- it's the best shopping on the nets. One of a kind, custom made clothes; vintage items; all sorts of well-crafted items.

This video is a beautiful window into the process of an artist at work. Amber, aka "Woodmouse" on etsy, shares her philosophy that simple, open-ended toys (i.e., toys that aren't made for a specific purpose but allow the child to decide how to use them) are best. Her toys are endearing wooden figures inspired by a child's crayon drawings.

They're also going *fast.* Her shop is very popular and is also closing at the new year. She probably has even more fabulous stuff in the works, but until we get to see what that's all about, grab your Woodmouse toys now!