Monday, November 12, 2007

weigh in! the mommy haircut

I think everyone has one-- their idea of what a Mommy Haircut is. Whether they *want* that cut or not is another story.

I have been thinking about going for a new 'do. Depending on the day, I want to do something drastic or something similar to what I have. I do have an idea of what a Mommy cut is: anything that makes me feel boring and "meh," and I don't want to plunk down lots of money just to have a "meh" haircut, so.

Bangs? Bangs are a maybe. I look at how cute Sasha Cagen looks in the blogger video of her (I think it's on amazon, too, on the page with her new book of To Do Lists). But bangs can go horribly, horribly wrong. Or at least look boring. They need upkeep (as does most interesting hairdos).

Then there's the short pixie, which I love and used to have, but feel like I'd like to shed the last few baby pounds to fit into it. Also, I like the feel of my long hair.

Just not the boringness!

Some days I covet the strong bangs and bob look, sort of harkening back to Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago." I think it's such a sassy and stylish look.

And yet! How soon it would grow out and become a mess.

Am I talking myself out of this haircut? Ack! Weigh in! Tell me the looks you love and save me from hair oblivion.