Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lip gloss review- Alba Botanica Terra Gloss

My lip gloss collection needed refreshing, and I decided I'm going all natural. I may still use the (sigh, beautiful) Clinique Black Honey tubes that I have, but will try to direct my dollars to the products with more natural ingredients. (Hope lives-- Jane Iredale's mineral makeup produces Babe, one of my favorite colors... though I'm not sure if it's got lead. Blah. Anyhoo...)UPDATED: I checked at the Cosmetics Database and it looks lead-free! Woot! Check your own brands-- many do have lead.

I give you Alba Botanica's Terra Gloss in Garnet!

Those of you who have read my lip gloss/makeup entries know that I will not suffer the wrong colors for brown skin- of which there are many to fear!!! You know what I'm talking about- the light pinks that look ashy, the jungle oranges that look trashy, the crazy purples that do not belong on any Earthly life form, yet are foisted upon brown skinned people since we're "so exotic!" Ick.

By the way- can someone explain to me what olive skin is? Olive to me is either green or black, and altogether delicious, but it is not a skin color. ?

OK- so I was wandering through Whole Foods (*never* a good idea, people! Do Not Wander through Whole Paycheck! You gotta be in and out or they'll getcha (or at least your wallet) for sure. Damn them and their organic local sustainable ethical... ethics. Even if their CEO sucks.)

And I saw the Alba Botanica Terra Glosses. They're different from the balms, and the colors are new. Which is good, because I tried the TerraBalm in Blaze and it was a fuschia mess on me. But the gloss in Garnet is *gorgeous.* It's quite sheer and hits that perfect red-pink balance, which is challenging to achieve.

The only quibble I have is the scent-- sort of this overly sweet, marshmallow-y bubble gummy ickiness.

But the fabulousness of the color won out. After all, finding the right lip gloss is a never-ending quest. Thus, I shelled out the $5.99 ish.

And I'm happy I did! This tube comes with me everywhere. I think it might be a new standard. Good stuff!