Monday, November 28, 2005

So I've decided to have a new lease on life WRT studying for the bar. It's something I'm doing now and want to do well, so I'm devoting all this time to it. And to figuring out the next phase of my career.

In the back of my mind, though, the baby stuff is there. Friends recently told me that they're expecting I'll be the first in that group to conceive. ?!?!? This was definitely news to me. I had no idea people were keeping track of that kind of thing. Makes me feel like a racehorse at the track. It doesn't bother me (yet), but... well, we have told people that we're thinking about trying to conceive (or, TATTC on the indiebride message boards!) next summer. And if they start asking me about it next August, and I have to say "nope, not this month" over and over, it could wear me down.

And if anyone has ideas about how the career and baby plans could overlap, let me know! Meanwhile, I've got to purchase another copy of _The Price of Motherhood_ by Ann Crittenden.