Thursday, November 03, 2005

Date: 3/25/05 at 5:03PM (7M1w ago)

Living in the beautiful Bay Area means we're part of a very outdoorsy community. And living here makes it very easy to practice loving the place you are. I have to apply that skill to my career. Accepting that I'm learning what I need to know for the next step in my career provides sweet relief from the worry that I'm actually on no career path at all. (I'm doing work that is good for the world and that teaches me a lot, but it's not *quite* where my heart is.) All this is good practice in being where I am, not needing things to be as I want them to be *right now*, and perhaps believing that I'm getting there.Now I need to practice writing gracefully!


Date: 3/18/05 at 3:39PM (7M2w ago) Modified: 3/18/05 at 3:54PM (7M2w ago)

So I am embarking on this thing called reading for pleasure. I used to do this about ten years ago, and now I really want to pick it up again. (Speaking of which, I just ventured back into the dance studio again after five years, and it was fabulous!!!!!!!! And intimidating and I'm sore, but still!!!)So I've got Mrs. Dalloway, and I'm really glad I got it. I haven't read Virginia Woolf before. I love this style where characters express one thing, but the opposite happens. It seems that there are distorted mirrors everywhere in this novel- things are not quite as important as they seem, or the actual duration couldn't be as long as implied, or the people not quite as grotesque. But it's the lens of the narrator and Mrs. D herself, and that's interesting.Any helpful comments on this book? :)