Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BlogHer11 - The meaning of life, drag queen style

This pretty much sums it up:
Ignore that men's room sign.
Life according to the drag queens of BlogHer11:
  • When you think you are doing your thing, wearing your fabulous flower, there will always be another who comes along wearing a FABULOUS FLOWER. And then there will be someone who is basically dressed as a flower. The point is, size does not matter.
  • Life is about leaving a lot of glitter, sequins and love in your wake. There are daily opportunities to be fabulous. Don't miss them.
  • These drag queens should eke a smile out of your serious little face, but if you're still feeling worn out or grumpy, go give someone a hug. Or if you're working, just think about it. It's better than retail or ice cream therapy. These ladies always have an air kiss ready; be generous with warmth and affection and it will come back to you.