Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the lady's not afraid: How Dolly rocks it

From ColorLines:
The clip above (h/t Joe.My.God) begins with her answering a question about why and how she embraces her gay fans, but Parton migrates into a broader comment on the joy she finds in coming together with all sorts of people she might otherwise fear. “We should be a little more tolerant and a little more accepting and understanding of not just the gays, but other people, minorities. We just don’t have enough love to really live in this world, and we really need to.” 

All our base (boobs?) are belong to Dolly! Dolly FTW! I love this woman. She is such a role model of freedom. I love how her comments reflect this reality of needing to cross lines and rearrange labels and generally let down our guards a little, let ourselves be open to all the ways that life can be good and that friends can be found.  I love that she can say this and that her words travel as far and wide as her fandom. That's the power of having a good ally. :)