Thursday, December 30, 2010

are you making New Year's resolutions?

I've decided to go for it. I hear list making is a good way to achieve things. :p

(note: actually achieving each of these goals/resolutions will take a bunch of smaller steps, so I'm thinking of this as a list of lists, with a breakdown of a timeline and tactics that I am saving you the trouble of reading. Unless you want to hear it! Then I'll add it in.)

1. This is Northern CA for goodness' sake-- get myself to more wine tastings.
2. And yet also: Lose the last 5-8 baby lbs.
3. Cooking better
  - Keep up the CSA membership (best way to get varied and beautiful veggies, especially without space to grow a ton)
  - Fear not complex recipes! Plan it out a la Naptime Cooking, Debbie Koenig's brilliant strategy for cooking real food well in the bits and pieces of time that you have.
4.Relatedly, see if I can grow something edible. Herb garden is planned for spring- thank you!
5. Keep reading about fun math
6. Um, blog regularly
7. Take more group exercise and dance classes! I miss it. One thing I love is being physical-- so, more activity for more happiness!

What are your resolutions?  Do you ever do pie in the sky resolutions? Big dreams for the long-term, or things that seem completely out of your realm of comfort/normalcy? I'd love to hear those too.