Saturday, October 02, 2010

Jump in... the water's fine!

It's 4:50am and I'm awake - combination of 3am nursing, a few too many cokes at dinner (fancy night out!), and too damn much on the mind.  What better time to jump in!  My very first blog post.  Somehow I had imagined it differently.  Some women dream about their weddings (yawn), I dreamed of my first real blog post.  It would be witty, intelligent, on-point.  It would be offer a completely groundbreaking perspective on an issue that was being otherwise bandied about by the various vapid talking heads who pass as our politicians/pundits these days (Jon Stewart - you will always be the exception!).  It would be - in one word - brilliant.

But... alas, this dream post only exists in my head in the woozy minutes of nighttime nursing.  Once the harsh glare of the monitor is on it escapes my limited capabilities and instead I waste an hour on Facebook.  That is, until I signed in to WordyDoodles and remembered exactly why: 1) we are twins, and 2) why we wanted to blog in the  first place.  Your posts capture the kinetic energy of becoming in the crazy assemblage of belongings we find ourselves in the middle of.  This is the ethical space of conversation, of the work of constructing an affective community.  And polished, hyper-critical(ly aware) writing does not lend itself to conversation, to the moment, in the same way as just putting your thoughts out there.  That being said, you inspire me (as you always have) with your brilliance!

Thanks for letting me set up my necessarily slipshod camp here in this incredible space.  Next up: anti-colonizing the mind of Dinesh D'Souza!