Friday, October 01, 2010

I'm killing myself trying to overedit this personal blog

And I've decided I have to post *something* and start (over) *somewhere* or else this blog will turn into the land of Drafts.  And we all know what kind of purgatory that is.  Crappy, crappy purgatory.  You can only research a post so long before it gets past its prime, stops hitting the sweet spot, stops speaking to readers. Hell, it stops speaking to me and I forget why I even began the darn thing.  I've got so many drafts of posts, ideas for posts, inspiring books and quotes and links.  But it seems so daunting to hit publish.  So I am going meta on you all and writing a post about writing posts.  Because that's easier.

Bloggy friends, I say, don't let the edits be the enemy of the published.  It's a blog, not a research paper.  Yes, I know that blogs are becoming a primary source for many, but this blog isn't that kind of blog. It's a conversational kind of blog (or, it will be when my fabulous co-author comes on board).  Anyone else get in and out of this rut? I totally want to hear from you. xox