Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mad Men- Glen is BACK! And yet there's still so much wrong.

* Glen's back in town, so you might have reasonably assumed that it was going to get all stalkerweird and interesting. I definitely see Glen as a harbinger of Bad Things for Betty. But Glen brings such an odd-bird vibe that you might also have reasonably assumed that Matthew Weiner decided that his hit series was in the toilet because clearly the good people of NYC would have to be mowed down by the Crazy Psychopath that Glen would have become. Hasn't happened but maybe there's still time. It's only been a couple of years since the series started, when Glen was first making trouble with Betty. Anyway, D is still holding out hope for Glen's storyline. I personally could do without the creepy, though I get that the kids' perspective is interesting and should be told what with all the divorcing.

* Ok Dove and Clorox? I'm talking to you real life companies? You both SUCK!! You really, really suck. You've totally missed the point with your ads that are trying to copy Mad Men. Guess what, jerks?? Talking down to women and being sexist wasn't cute when it happened in the sixties. It isn't cute when Mad Men does it, which is the point that you missed. And so it SURE as hell isn't cute when you do it in 2010. Get your acts together. I'm totally not buying your crap. Not that I did before.

* And I am very quickly getting sick of Mad Men's silence on race. In fact, it's such an ugly omission in a show about the 60s that I'm thinking it's got to be introduced in the next couple of episodes. There's a lot of potential with Carla and beyond.

But you know something I really like about myself? I don't really get attached to TV shows. It's such a relief to not feel like I haaave to watch something. I could stop watching Mad Men with this Christmas episode (sidebar: annoyed about Christmas in July. I get it's supposed to be jarring and supposed to move plot along. Still annoyed.). Stop watching and not feel a need to finish.

Because I could always go back to see what's up with True Blood. :)