Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bye, babies. Hi toddlers! *photos*

Ok so technically Paloma isn't even a toddler anymore. She's a pre-k (and she'll tell you that proudly). But when she and Sabrina are really having fun together, it's hard to separate toddler from pre-k. I just know for sure that I don't have my little babies anymore.

More like clever little partners.
Still snuggly, especially after having a good time at a wedding

Even though she fits into the Ergo and Beco carriers still, Sabrina is just not a baby anymore. "My nurr nurr. MAH NURR NURR" is a pretty common statement I hear these days. (That's Sabrina telling me that she is not yet interested in giving up on nursing, and oh by the way, the nurr nurrs are hers anyway.)

Sisters in the background, P in the fore
And then the divine Miss P! Forget babyhood, and toddlerhood too while you're at it. She's making up songs, dances, stories, words, languages. Drawing pictures and calling them abstract. Wheeling and dealing like any good 4 year old. Telling it like it is.

In the booster seat after a booster shot
Pretty soon, they'll both be in booster seats. And then there won't be booster seats back there at all.  Because they'll be driving!  And cooking. And TOTALLY FINE while *I* take a freaking nap.

Can you tell I'm excited for that stage of parenthood where you can relax about kids running into the street, going up and down stairs, and getting their own bowls of cereal??! Yeah, I love it all and all, but it's hard when you get all sleepy and STILL have to get stuff done.

The kids are asleep right now. I'm getting an ice cream sandwich.  Parents of older kids, would love to hear your take on how things change-- or don't change!