Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bittersweet Danville is no more *sob*

I am saddened to report that Bittersweet Cafe in Danville is no longer with us. The saddest part is how I found out: It was a busy, errand-filled Mother's Day with tons of work to do (it's like Christmas Eve for my org). And I said to Derek, "Let's stop at Bittersweet for a treat!" And we were in the car and the kids were BOTH asleep at the very same time, so we could sit in the warm car and have our little chocolates or milkshakes and have a conversation.
Chocolate Dessert

And I even got a parking space right in front. I jumped out of the car and walked right past the empty store, looking for the bustle and the bench and the warm chocolate scent.  And then I stopped and turned around, having walked too far.  And then I stopped and turned around again.

It was GONE. The empty store was where Bittersweet had been. I tell you, the deep East Bay is a little bit less fabulous for this loss.

Happily, there is still Rockridge, SF and 4th Street for our fix enjoyment. Happily, there is still online shopping.

There's even a See's shop in our town, which I think would do in a pinch. See's is a different kind of charm from Bittersweet, though. I would have thought the world is big enough for them both.