Sunday, April 11, 2010

chocolate review! Bittersweet Classic Drinking Chocolate

So, it turns out I'm somewhat of a regular at Bittersweet Cafe. Not weekly, but maybe a couple times a month, usually on a Sunday. For most habits, that's not enough to be considered regular, but Bittersweet drinks and goodies are so intensely good that one or two treats a month are enough to carry you through. This is the way chocolate should be enjoyed, no?

Easter is over so you might think there ought to be a lull in chocolate consumption.  I say, ditch the Easter candy and start over with something fabulous.  Today I ordered a mocha (easily one of the best I've ever had) and then, looking at their drink menu, remembered how amazing the shakes are.  The best part of those shakes is the large handful of chocolate chips left at the bottom. So I had to ask, "What kind of chips do you use in the chocolate chocolate chip milkshake? And are they available to buy?" And the barista lighted up and brought over a tin of heaven Bittersweet Classic Drinking Chocolate.

She told me, "This is what we use in the milkshakes.  You can use it for hot chocolate or anything."

I feared it was a powder, but no.  These were IT.  The most delectable mix of milk, semisweet and dark chips of chocolate, varying in size and not powdery, except for a very fine coating of powder on all the chips.

Forget Easter candy.  These chips are all I will need for a very long time.  Especially since I'm trying to free myself from the last baby pounds, it's good to feel that a few of those tiny chips go a long, long way.  There are just a couple ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, dried milk, soy lecithin, vanilla. The rich, creamy texture makes me think they've used more butterfat than most other chips, which makes them super satisfying.  But it's not just the texture, it's the taste. The variation of milk, semisweet and dark is fabulous for a nibbler like me.  And the quality of the chocolate is excellent.  If you're the type who hates chocolate sauce because it seems like it's basically sugar sauce colored brown, you're not going to be disappointed by these.  The chocolate flavor is second to no other ingredient, including the sugar, which is a welcome change of pace after just one Easter Cadbury creme egg (I can't even finish one of those anymore).

The tin is large at 10 oz. but it's $14.95 price tag makes it a special purchase.  But if you're using them the way I plan to-- to satisfy an occasional sweet tooth and maybe as an occasional addition to a cup of milk or coffee-- then it's well worth it.  (And yes, the link above takes you to their online store so if you don't live in proximity, you can purchase it online.  I'd highly recommend it if you're considering it.)