Monday, April 12, 2010

a bit of wild within walking distance

The gorgeous creek and nearby woods close to our house.  We're so happy about this protected area nearby.  I remember going exploring as a kid.  There wasn't too much wild in the SoCal suburb where we were, but there were still pockets to explore, climb, hide in.  I'm so glad to find a similar space in this NorCal suburb.  The well-manicured parks are there too for when they want to play on swings and slides, but there's also a bit of wild within walking distance.  There's also a regional open space just behind our place, so I can hear cows mooing from my office, which I find charming-- especially since I can still walk to a coffee shop.  Or, if I *have* to, to In-N-Out burger.  It is dangerous to admit to myself that In-N-Out is, in fact, an easy 10 minute walk.  Did I mention I love our new place?  Modestly sized and just right for us.

The two sisters are also happy to play indoors, especially when there are places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium where you could play inside for hours and never get bored.  I'm so glad we do this a couple times a year. I'm really looking forward to the year when we'll be able to go kayaking on the ocean just outside the aquarium, Elkhorn Slough.  It's so beautiful and fascinating.  We did it before we had kids, and now it's on the to-do list for maybe five years from now.  Cannot wait!!