Thursday, February 18, 2010

YES! 30 Rock Meets The Office!

I totally fit my demographic, at least according to the movie trailers I like.

Case in point- last night I sneaked off with a friend to see "Crazy Heart." (Liked it, Jeff Bridges is reliably fantastic, but you don't HAVE to see it in the theater unless you're really wanting a night out like I was). I surprised myself by really liking the trailers, including the Sex and the City 2 one and the Date Night one (no, I LOVED that one).

Ten years ago, you wouldn't have caught me ever watching SATC. I just wasn't that into it, you could say. It didn't really speak to me.

Even a couple years ago when the first movie came out, I was ehhh.

Suddenly, this trailer comes up and it's like Fashion? Friends? Fun? And I'm like Yes Yes and Yes! Let's all meet up in Morocco!


And THEN. THIS trailer came up, and I was like, that is me and my life, except for the exciting part, and I love that they made it funny:

Then I remembered the trailers before seeing "New Moon" (it was another sneaking-off-to-the-movies-after-the-girls'-bedtime deals).  They were all sappy teen romance films, like for "Dear John" and "When in Rome."

Stuff I would have LOVED and DIED over when I was 16. But now, totally doesn't fit me.  I am in fact skeeved out by the prospect of watching teenagers kissing, their hormones practically visibly rising off them (in the movie AND the theater).  It just ain't my thing.

But suddenly Steve Carell and Tina Fey totally are.  God I LOVE getting older.  32 rocks.