Sunday, February 07, 2010

How to make gorgeous Valentine's- thanks Black Apple!

I have to share this lovely Valentine's template with you.  The Black Apple has some really charming art, and by charming I mean traditionally feminine yet a little aloof.  I think it's perfect for Valentine's Day for your child's class and teachers, if you and your kid are hoping to do something a little different from pre-packaged cards or cards with licensed characters.  Printing and decorating these could make a fun and fast project.  God do I sound like Martha Stewart?  But really, these could be good!

Also, Trader Joe's has some amazingly good organic fruity lollipops that are a great size for little ones (and work perfectly as cough drops on a stick if you've got a little one with a never-ending cough- thanks preschool).  Those are great little treats-- relatively small, caffeine free, one and they're done (we hope).  Follow up with a wet toothbrush and you're good.