Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to help Haiti

Took one look at the first pictures that came out of Haiti and literally stood stock still.  Then realized I'm supposed to know what to do, being an advocate for a living and all.  And realized that giving money actually is useful-- there are good and great organizations that get money flowing in the right directions to staunch the seemingly overwhelming flow of disaster.  And each of us individually is needed.  As written below, "We each have a nearly endless capacity to stretch our hearts when the need arises."

The need has arisen indeed.

From MomsRising:
Our hearts go out to the women, children, and all people of Haiti who are suffering in the wake of the recent earthquake.  Many of our members are asking how they can help out.  We've been told that cash donations to humanitarian organizations that are working in Haiti are the most efficient and effective way to help the relief effort in Haiti right now. They allow humanitarian organizations to purchase (often within the affected region itself) the exact type and quantity of items needed by those affected by the crisis.

If you're interested in helping out families in Haiti immediately, here are some organizations to which you can contribute:

- You can contribute online to the Red Cross here:  (You can also donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting "HAITI" to "90999")

- Donations to Doctors Without Borders can be made here:

- In addition, you can also find more ways to help through the Center for International Disaster Information, or through USAID's interactive website, which has a list of NGOs and instructions on how to help.

We each have a nearly endless capacity to stretch our hearts when the need arises.  This is a critical time to help children and families in crisis.