Thursday, January 21, 2010

got a new camera!

Oh hai! (Yep, that sure is linked to icanhazcheezburger because I know you were seeing "oh hai!" all over the internetz and wondering where the hell that was from. Maybe that was just me. But now you know too!)

Oh hai!  I got the new camera I've been dreaming about for about two, three years now.  We've been making do with our old Kodak EasyShare CX7430 which we've had for half a decade.  And actually, it was taking not bad pictures.  But it was starting to get confused, changing settings on me randomly, and starting to look a little haggard.  These things happen.

kodak easyshare c875 Pictures, Images and Photos
(looked a little like this, but ten times more beat up and maybe three years older)

So I started looking into digital SLRs.  I know I know.  How can one go from Camera For Beginners to Super Advanced Pro camera in one shot?

Well, long story short, I didn't. Derek convinced me to go for a happy medium. So I looked and I looked, and I found the Canon Powershot SD 1200 IS Digital Elph.  Such a fun little camera and it takes great shots.

CANON POWERSHOT SD1200 Pictures, Images and Photos

There are only a couple of small drawbacks:
- the menu and screens are not intuitive.
- though I'm doing the press-halfway-down thing, I still sometimes get blurry pics. This camera is really sensitive to doing that.
- the Canon online service SUCKS--Fail.  Maybe it's because I use Google Chrome (woot! fast!) as my browser, but I don't think so because I've gotten it to work on Chrome before. ?? Customer service by phone, happily, was fast and easy and it worked to get me into my account, so that kind of offsets the clunky online album storage.

But I'm generally really excited about the camera itself. With a 4G memory card, it holds well over 1000 photos- probably more like 1400- and plenty of movie time.  You'll see the results in the next few posts.

Would LOVE to hear what kind of cameras you all have, whether you like them, whether you're thinking of an upgrade! Post in comments!